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At Lakewood Plumbing, Drain & Sewer water line repair and replacement is our specialty. We devote all our plumbing and sewer excavation skills to be the best underground water line repair and sewer contractor in the area. We have worked diligently to maintain the skills, knowledge and equipment and to keep up with the demands of today’s customers.  We also strive to get our customers the most affordable pricing when it comes to their water line repair Lakewood OH.

Your main water line runs from the street to your home. Lakewood Plumbing uses special equipment and up to date technology to replace your broken and deteriorating water supply line with long lasting, reliable, and durable PVC pipe.  This drastically reduces the chance of breaks, leaks and interruptions of water supply to your home and damage to your landscaping.

Lakewood Plumbing, Drain & Sewer specializes in water line repairs, services, installations and replacements while trying to preserve the integrity of your property throughout Lakewood OH, and the Cleveland OH areas. We can replace your main water line,or try and repair your water line and preserve your lawn and landscaping during most water supply line replacements and repairs.

Water Line Repair can be a rather expensive repair if you are not prepared for it.  Cleveland offers a water line replacement program so that in the event that you do experience one of these plumbing issues that you have some sort of financial help.  For more information on the water line repair and replacement program see the following article Cleveland Water Line Repair Programs

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