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Sewer Cleaning – Your Sewer Line

Your home sewer line is the big drain pipe (typically 4-inch) that runs from the bottom of the main waste/vent stack (main drain) in the house, down under your yard and into the city sewer main under the street. The city takes care of the sewer main only. Everything else is your responsibility, from the house all the way to, and including, the tap that joins your line to the city main.

Sewer Cleaning Tools

Sewer Augers, or sewer snakes are the most common tool used by sewer cleaning professional plumbers.  Sewer Jetting is also an option that a lot of sewer specialists use for harder to reach sewer backups or more compacted sewer lines.  The sewer snake that plumbers Lakewood OH use consist of 100 ft cable wrapped inside a metal cage-like spool, which is turned by a reversible high powered electric motor.  Our plumbers Lakewood OH auger your drain via a cleanout, which is an access hole in the sewer line intended just for sewer cleaning.

Your home’s cleanout may be a threaded plug at the end of a fitting or short length of pipe attached to the main drain (typically found in the basement or crawlspace) or it could also be outdoors.  Old houses may not have a cleanout, in which case the sewer line is typically accessed by removing a toilet in the house, because its drain is the only one large enough for the auger to fit into.

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